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Outer spherical ball bearing deep groove ball bearing is actually a variant, is characterized by its outer diameter surface of the sphere, you can enter with a corresponding concave spherical bearing in mind the role played tune.
Although its basic performance with the deep groove ball bearings should be similar, but because most of the bearings used in relatively rough machinery, the installation location is not precise enough, shaft and seat of the neutral axis of the hole is poor, or the long-axis deflection the case of large, etc., but accuracy is also bearing in itself is not high enough, some structure is relatively rough, so compare the performance of the actual performance of the same size deep groove ball bearings Yaoda quite a discount. For example: with the top wire of the outer spherical ball bearing used in a big pass deflection stiffness difference axis, with both sides of this bearing ring can be tight to prevent dirt intrusion, the factory had filled with the right amount of lubricant, pre-installation without cleaning, no need of additional lubricant, bearing inner ring on the top end of wire protruding screw in the shaft when tightening. Permissible dynamic axial load shall not exceed the rated load of 20%.
Eccentric sleeve with the outer spherical ball bearings and with a top spherical bearing properties of the outer wire is basically the same, only the top wire is not inner ring, but in the eccentric bearing. Insert tapered bore ball bearings with a 1:12 taper bore of conical holes can be directly installed on the cone axis, or with the tight bushing installed in the non-fixed axis on the shaft shoulder, and can fine-tune the bearing clearance.
Spherical Bearings priority for applications that require simple equipment and spare parts occasions, such as for agricultural machinery, transportation systems or construction machinery.
Is mainly used to bear radial load mainly radial and axial joint load, the general should not alone bear the axial loads, such bearings can be mounted on the inner (with the entire set of roller and cage) and the outer ring. This kind of bearing does not allow the relative shell-axis has tilted in the radial load will produce the next appointment of additional axial force. This kind of bearing axial clearance of the size of the normal working relationship between the bearing ability, and when the axial clearance off hours, temperature is higher; axial clearance is large, easy to damage bearings. Therefore, when installation and operation of special attention to adjust the bearing axial clearance, if necessary, the interference can be pre-installed in order to increase the bearing rigidity.
Outer spherical Ball Bearings including types:
Outer spherical Ball Bearings with House
Outer spherical bearing with Vertical House Ball Bearing
With Square House outer Spherical Bearing
House with a diamond-shaped outer spherical ball bearings
With Boss round outer  spherical ball bearing House
House with a outer spherical ball bearing ring
House with a spherical ball bearing slide
House with a suspended spherical ball bearings
House with hanging spherical ball bearings
Diamond House with adjustable spherical ball bearings
Pressing House with a spherical ball bearings
With the other House outer spherical Ball Bearings


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