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Technical Service
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Technical Service
1.we  are generally greased prior to delivery to the customer with 2# EP LITHUM SOAP BASED GREASE(GB7324--1994). The choice of grease can also be a critical item in the design and performance criteria, consideration should be provided to the bearings working environment, some of these considerations are:speed, temperature, pressure and the possibility of contamination ingress. The most common greases used today for general applications are Calcium or Lithium soap based greases, with Aluminum based grease being used in higher temperature applications .
2. Greasing should generally take place after 60 hours of operation. When these bearings are operating in extremely hostile conditions,e.g.: extreme temperatures, excessively dusty environment , within a high moisture content environment,  in fast turning equipment or in a continuous cycle operation then this re-greasing should take place after 8 hours of operation. Re-lubrication should be applied preferably with the slow rotation of the bearing at the same time as injecting grease, in order to apply even distribution of the grease.Automatic Greasing systems can be applied to these Bearings; however, this does not eliminate the visual inspections and bolt/mounting tension checks that are required periodically.
3The gear surface should be re-lubrication periodically according to the working  condition . If gears or pinion drives are integrated into these applications then this gearing should also be greased at these intervals.
4.In-order to ensure optimum performance and longevity of JYC slewing bearings in operation.JYC recommend that after the first 100 hours of operation that the preload of the belts are checked and adjusted (if required) to the installation value.later  checked that after 500 hours of operation ,to make sure enough preload . Generally after every 7 years or 1400 hours of operation , new belts should be taken  .
5.Pay attantion to the stuation of the bearings operation .when the noise ,impact and power are inlarging , should stop immediately to inspect . if necessary , take apart  to inspect.
6.     Aviod the slewing ring bearings from direct strong sunlight when using them. Forbid washing the slewing ring bearings directly by water lest water enter the raceway  and preventing hard foreign object in or near the gear backlash .
7.     Frequently check the sealed situation. You should replace prompt if  the sealing tape is damaged, and replace the parts of slewing ring bearings if they fall off.
. Transportation Packing
1.     The transportation packing by  wagon:
According to the distance, we can pack them in wooden cases or plastic woven  cloth , that not be allowed to touch or roll them, and we should lift them by hanging. The piling height cant be over the fender of a wagon. If you dont pack them in wooden cases, you should separate the bearings from the cargo floors by more than two wooden boards and lay them flat in order to avoid scratch the surfaces of bearings.
2.     The transportation packing by  train:
To pack the bearings in wooden cases, and they must be layed flat and not be touched.


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