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Technical Service
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Technical Service


Prescribed  Conditions for Using

   Problems Caused by Deregulations

1、Heat Resources product line and Kiln Furnaces

 1.1  tertian and mechanical parts unexposed to radiation

intenerated & distorted; brittleness & cracking

 1.2  bearings equably forced on the product line

distortion ,fast- scuffing and block

 1.3  linear rails , parallel distance playing an accessorial role limiting the axial position of the kiln wheels

distortion ,fast- scuffing and block

2、Machines, Facilities and Kiln Autos

 2.1  enough space wanted, High temperature brearing types and quantities rationally chosen

distortion , fast-scuffing , block and  cracking

 2.2  matching configurations like bearing hubs and precision accorded with national technological qualities

distortion , fast-scuffing , block and  cracking


 3.1  bearings cleaned and neatly racing


 3.2  Vertical style: the radius of the  fixed-ring ball scoop forming an angle at 90 with the load direction    Horizontal style: ball scoop end upward

likely to  block when the ball being on by too much scuffing clearance

 3.3  he end with ball scoop entad, avoiding enduring mounting force

end-connections bursting apart; block and cracking

 3.4  sleeves directly hit , force equably conducted to the bearings’ end-connections

distortion , block and cracking

 3.5  non- high-temperature or rough lubricator are forbidden to be added

becoming burnt , block

 3.6  high-temperature lubricator added to those with high or middle speed; clearance adjudged appropriate

fast- abrasion , burn

 3.7  no drossy sundries into it ; wheels rotating neatly



 4.1  bearings cleaned and neatly racing


 4.2  elastic baffles of the bearings braced tightlyd30

Likely to  block when the ball being stripped down by too much scuffing clearance

 4to restore the ill matching configurations

distortion , fast- scuffing, block and cracking

 4to replace the rejected  bearings (more than 2 sets of the same part to be replaced at the same time)

distortion , fast- scuffing, block and cracking


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