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Technical Service
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Technical Service

service performance of  JYC     

Title: Change the clearance, let bearings run more smoothly

Introduction: The problem: After the bearings were mounted, the customer found the bearings

weren't smooth when they worked, it resulted in low accuracy of the equipment. They were

puzzled by this question for a long time.
 JYC solution: Our experts found the clearance was wrong after serious research, they

changed the clearance to preload, thereby improving the stiffness and stability of

Title: Optimize designs, improve performance

Introduction: The problem:With the changing in products;specifications and performance, the

casting rolling mills will carry more load. So, the requirements of  life and reliability

for rolling mills bearing also increase.
 JYC solution:Our engineers analyze the loading condition, then redesign two pieces

bearings instead of the previous one. It effectively increase the bearing load rating by

30%--40% and ensured the quality of steel plate.        

Title: Reduce maintenance costs, extend life

Introduction: The problem:Because of the increasing of output, it is easy to make the cool

rolling mill and foil rolling mill bearings wear, and the particle will directly enter the

loading zone to shorten the bearing life, will raise the maintenance costs.
 JYC solution:According to performances of the original rolling mill, our specialists

change the internal structure of the bearings to let the particle enter the special

device,the bearing life prolongs a lot. 


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